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With age comes a sense of responsibility. The world that surrounds us and sustains us is also depended on us for its survival. The environment that is the only source of our food and energy and a reason for our continuous wonder and entertainment will wither if we restrict our concern only to personal economic gain fueled primarily by greed, unreplenishable hydrocarbons and widespread, mindless construction activity.

Even our living space can’t be any exception to that. Carrying the million years of unchanged genetics and cultural preferences, it is only natural for us, human beings, to live by water, surrounded by trees and bees and butterflies and birds, in a relatively small and culturally homogenous tribe:everyone of which we intimately know and feel good to meet with everyday.

Building a Better Tomorrow.

Gathagram, Dehu, Pune is only such an effort. It’s a living space. By the river Indrayani and three sustainable water bodies, surrounded by the trees and plants from the old Sahyadri range. Where around 250 varieties of birds and 90 varieties of butterflies will flutter around without a care about our presence like the ancient unpolluted days.

Something Special...

Yet, Gathagram will be modern, international and classy. As wide as 50 acres in its first phasebut that only to accommodate two international schools, one health resort, one facilitated senior living and one shopping and one entertainment plaza. Of course, thus arises the question how this extreme modernity and an opposing sense of natural sustainability dwell together? The answer: with a lot of careful planning and architecture, opening oneself up to international best practices in city development, civics and engineering and making use of our previous successful experiments in energy generation, water purification and conservation and creating a coherent social group within a campus.

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